Which Terms Apply?


Last updated: July 15, 2016

The products and services of SurveyMonkey and its affiliates are made available to customers subject to applicable terms and conditions. Subject to your order document with SurveyMonkey, this document identifies which terms apply to the products and services you have purchased.

If your product or service is not identified in the list below, please refer to your order document.


Applicable Terms for Products and Services

Product or Service Name Applicable Terms
Business Services
SurveyMonkey Salesforce Integration subscription SurveyMonkey Salesforce Integration Terms of Service
SurveyMonkey Benchmark (subscription)
SurveyMonkey Benchmark (one-time download)
SurveyMonkey Benchmarks Terms of Service
SurveyMonkey Marketo Integration subscription SurveyMonkey Marketo Integration Terms of Service
SurveyMonkey Prepayment SurveyMonkey Prepayment Terms of Service
FluidSurveys Enterprise Services
All FluidSurveys subscription plans, including:
FluidSurveys Enterprise Basic Subscription
FluidSurveys Pro Plan Subscription
FluidSurveys White Label Subscription
FluidSurveys Enterprise Agreement
FluidSurveys Additional Vanity URL with SSL
FluidSurveys Vanity URL (No SSL)
FluidSurveys Branding Package – Standard
FluidSurveys Data Migration
FluidSurveys Existing Account Transfer Service
FluidSurveys Survey Programming
FluidSurveys Training Session
FluidSurveys White Label – Additional Invites
FluidSurveys White Label – Additional Responses
FluidSurveys White Label Collectors
FluidSurveys White Label Parking Fee
FluidSurveys Website Intercept
FluidSurveys Enterprise Agreement
FluidReview Services
All FluidReview subscription plans, including:
FluidReview Basic Package
FluidReview Lite Package
FluidReview Premium Package
FluidReview Pro Package
FluidReview Terms of Service
FluidReview Additional Data
FluidReview Additional Languages
FluidReview Annual Discount
FluidReview Branding Package – Standard
FluidReview Custom Development
FluidReview Data Migration
FluidReview Enterprise – Additional Applicants
FluidReview Enterprise – Additional Reviewers
FluidReview Enterprise – Awards Module
FluidReview Enterprise – Dedicated Server
FluidReview Enterprise – Salesforce Integration
FluidReview Enterprise Plan
FluidReview Onboarding Services
FluidReview One-time Discount
FluidReview Parking Fee
FluidReview Setup and Configuration
FluidReview Technical Support
FluidReview Training
FluidReview Trial Site
FluidReview Terms of Service
Audience Services
Brand Tracking Study
Industry Intelligence Study
Survey Respondents
SurveyMonkey Audience Terms of Service
Other Services
Election Tracking Syndicated Data subscription
Election Tracking Custom Questions
Election Tracking Terms of Service
SurveyMonkey Intelligence SurveyMonkey Intelligence Terms of Service
SurveyMonkey SELECT account
SurveyMonkey GOLD account
SurveyMonkey PLATINUM account (including HIPAA-enabled PLATINUM accounts)
Enterprise Subscription
Survey Platform Terms of Service

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