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How to use online education surveys

Whether you need to understand factors that shape staff satisfaction, collect feedback from students or improve your administration, an online education survey reveals insights that improve programmes, processes and overall student achievement. Parents, students, teachers, lecturers and administrations can all benefit from using professional education surveys.


Ideas for using education surveys

From measuring staff effectiveness to understanding parents’ and students’ attitudes and habits, there are lots of great ways to use online education surveys. Here’s how.

Assess educational outcomes

Not only are student surveys a great way for learners to reflect on their learning, but they’re also an effective way to measure student achievement. Sending out a student survey can help educators improve programmes and address shortcomings as well as provide students with valuable insights into their learning processes.

Evaluate courses, curricula and special programmes

If you’re a teacher, you can use surveys for curriculum planning, course evaluations or to gauge interest in special topics. You can also send out an online survey to parents to coordinate help for field trips, fundraisers, school performances, events and more.

Measure staff satisfaction

What do talented and diverse members of staff look for? What do your staff consider to be the building blocks of a rich and diverse educational community? What challenges are staff currently facing in your university? Get started with a staff satisfaction survey template.


Education survey examples and templates

Our education survey templates were written by experts to save you time and offer you reliable, actional data. See some of our free templates for online education surveys below.

Harvard Graduate School of Education Pre K – 12 Parent Survey

Discover parents’ thoughts, feelings and impressions about their child’s school. This comprehensive template helps you assess every aspect of parent engagement, both in and out of the classroom.Preview template

School Climate Survey

Does your school motivate your students to do their best work? Does your school value diversity? Do teachers respect students? Find out when you use this school climate survey template. Preview template

Bullying Survey

Ask students important questions about their relationships with their peers. This template includes questions about the types, severity and frequency of bullying that can occur at state or public schools. Preview template

University Student Satisfaction Survey

Learn what university students think about the teaching effectiveness, facilities, registration process, campus safety and more at your university. Preview template

University Faculty Satisfaction Survey

Use this staff satisfaction survey template to ask university staff about the leadership, interactions, administration and general job satisfaction at their university. Preview template


3 tips for successful education surveys

When surveying staff, students, parents or your administration, keep the following survey guidelines in mind to ensure you collect reliable, actionable data.

1. Keep surveys short and focused

Make sure each question brings you closer to your goal. Be mindful of survey takers’ time and write clear questions. Generally, your survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

2. Pre-test your survey

It’s a good idea to pre-test your survey with a few members of your intended audience. You might uncover inconsistencies or unexpected interpretations of questions.

3. Use consistent rating scales

If you’re using rating scales, use the same points system throughout your survey. If 1 means “extremely satisfied” and 5 means “extremely dissatisfied,” maintain this scale for all questions.

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