Tap into Customer Powered Data at every touchpoint

  • Awareness

  • Purchase

  • Retention

  • Loyalty

Learn more about potential and existing customers

Better understand your consumers

Survey your target market to better understand their behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes.

Measure brand awareness and sentiment

Find out what people think about your brand and discover new growth opportunities.

Better connect with customers

Use feedback to tailor your communications, website experience, and even A/B test campaigns.

Want to talk to consumers or prospects?

Our plans and Audience panel makes it easy to check in with your market early and often.

Get actionable feedback at every transaction

Learn what influences purchasing

Quickly identify what informs your customers’ buying decisions and see purchasing patterns.

Identify pain points in your purchase flow

From design to price points, find out what’s stopping people from becoming your customers.

Monitor post-purchase sentiment

Track how customers value your product or service over time and how to improve satisfaction ratings.

Want to close the loop with customers?

Learn more about how to monitor your NPS and follow up with your customers.

Give your customers extraordinary experiences

Delight new customers early and often

Gather feedback to better onboard, nurture, and enhance your new customer experiences.

Improve your offering with real-time feedback

Learn what customers want from your products and services, and proactively make improvements.

Optimize your customer service

Ensure a great experience for everyone with customer service surveys at multiple touchpoints.

Want a multi-touch NPS program?

Start understanding the drivers behind your customer satisfaction with SurveyMonkey CX.

Turn your customers into loyal advocates

Find new ways to increase customer loyalty

Monitor your Net Promoter Score over time to understand what drives your customer loyalty.

Close the loop with customers

Let your customers know they’ve been heard—and proactively respond as feedback comes in.

Give your results context

Compare yourself to relevant competitors using the world's largest NPS benchmark dataset.

Want to learn what will make your customers stay?

Create a survey today to find out what customers value most about your service and product.

“We are able to correlate improvement in our NPS to higher revenue and retention of our customers”—Simon Lindsay, CEO of Progressive Direct

53% of US online adults are likely to abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question

Source: Forrester, Kate Leggett: Your Customers Don’t Want To Call You For Support

54% of people who had a bad customer experience shared that information with more than 5 people

Source: Zendesk

On average, an industry’s Net Promoter leader outgrew its competitors by a factor greater than 2x

Source: Net Promoter System