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Discover How to Keep Your Consumers Coming Back for More

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You probably already know this, but it’s worth repeating: Research about consumer loyalty says it costs five times as much to gain a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Are your customers happy? Are you sure? Find out when you send out a customer loyalty survey. Start asking the tough questions about consumer satisfaction to discover consumer loyalty trends as part of your marketing activities and gain the insights you need to keep your customers where they belong – with your company.

How to Use Customer Loyalty Surveys

When you understand shoppers’ interests, goals and pet hates, you can adjust and refine your inventory and service to keep them coming back for more. Here’s how.

  • Repeat business. Ask your customers if they would do business with you again. It might be nerve-wracking to hear about a client who may never come back, but it’s information that you absolutely must have. Is it your great service? The customer loyalty card? Habit? Not only does it give you an opportunity to correct the issue, but it helps you solve the problem for future shoppers.
  • Referral business. Consumer loyalty statistics show referrals are one of the top ways to gain new business. If a customer is delighted, they’ll talk about it with their friends, family and social networks. If a client is merely satisfied, they may not. Put your company in the enviable position of enjoying word-of-mouth referrals when you conduct a customer satisfaction survey. Many businesses use a Net Promoter Score survey to discover whether their customers are likely to refer them to their friends. Learn about how to earn consumer trust and started getting new referrals. You can also discover whether they’ve already made referrals and, if so, what encouraged them to do so.
  • Learn about what they like. Obtaining customer feedback is a great way to pinpoint why consumers return. Ask some of your best customers to answer questions about their brand loyalty and you may be surprised by the results. For instance, you might be extremely proud of your chocolate cake, but it’s actually the coffee that brings people through your restaurant’s doors.
  • Even better, learn about what they don’t like. Grow a thick skin and invite criticism with a questionnaire about consumer loyalty that expects brutal honesty. From the colour of the walls to the music you’re playing, little things add up to the total experience. If you have an appropriate audience, you might even think about making this kind of customer survey a little tongue-in-cheek. For example, invite customers to “let us have it” and provide fun, humorous response options.

Sample Online Customer Loyalty Survey Templates

At SurveyMonkey, we’ve developed a collection of methodologist-certified customer loyalty questionnaire templates to get you started quickly and easily. Of course, you’re always welcome to customise the questions to make your survey as specific as you’d like.

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Template
    Use this customer satisfaction survey template to measure consumer satisfaction with your company, product and services. Use skip logic to allow your customers to answer questions about products or services they’ve used, and gain insights for improvement.
  • Customer Satisfaction with Customer Service Survey Template
    See how your front-line customer service and support agents are doing. Measure customer service hold times, problem resolution, product/service knowledge and representative attitude.
  • Business-to-Business Survey Template
    This customer satisfaction survey template is designed for when your clients aren’t just clients, they’re businesses too. Identify how satisfied your customers are with your timeliness, professionalism and service.

4 Tips for Great Customer Loyalty Surveys

  1. Use closed-ended questions. Start with simple “yes” or “no” options, then use skip logic to focus responses on the product, customer service or website usability.
  2. Don’t try to ask too much in a single question. Questions such as “Did our product arrive on time and in good condition?” There could easily be two completely different responses for each part of the questions.
  3. Get creative. Ask questions about what makes your organisation different from competitors, such as ambiance, personality or a unique product. There might be something special about your company that you can capitalise on in advertisements or on your website.
  4. Ask about consumer loyalty programmes. Is a customer loyalty programme something your shoppers want? Do people actually use those stamp cards? Does it take too long to earn a reward? Is it the only reason why customers are returning to your store? The answers to these questions will help you set up or improve a loyalty programme.

Do You Have More Questions?

If you are interested in creating a customer loyalty survey but have further questions, please get in touch with us.

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