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Building the right products for the right people is critical to your success. Assumptions – even educated guesses – leave room for error, which is a risk you can’t afford to take. Gain important insights directly from your users with an online questionnaire. Does your product meet customer needs both now and in the future? Are there certain associations users make when thinking of your brand and designs? What enhancements do your users want to see and which features can they live without? What are your buyers’ pricing sensitivities?

Product planning surveys give you the insider knowledge you need in order to plan new products, develop your business and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Whether you’re creating software, apps or real-life widgets, using one of our product survey samples can put you on track to being more competitive, improving your product and creating items your customers will love.

Obtain important feedback and make informed product decisions.

The great thing about surveys is that you can gain insights into just about anything related to your product and business. Here are a few ideas about how you can send surveys, obtain feedback and develop successful marketing strategies.

  • Existing products and services. Obtain feedback about your product that’s currently on the market with a basic product survey. Learn what customers like and dislike, as well as what updates you can make to improve the experience for current customers and attract new customers. Understand your customer base by sending a customer loyalty survey to gain insights into the competition or a net promoter score questionnaire to discover where you stand. Whatever the business or product, there are insights that your customers are just waiting to share. From an insurance agent to a dentist, from a mass manufacturer to an online store, there are survey templates that fit your needs.
  • Adjusting features. Are your customers happy with the number and types of features your product has? Less isn’t necessarily more, and more may not be better. Use a product satisfaction survey to find out what your clients think about the features your product has, the features they never use and the features they’d love to see.
  • New products and services. Whether you’re at an early stage in the planning process or you’re just about to send your product to market, a survey can help you discover whether you have the right target audience and the right features. Gauge interest and bounce product ideas off your target customers. If you are about to launch a new website, send an online product survey to your most passionate users to gauge their feedback about the design variations. Do you need to know whether you new mobile app will be quickly adopted or sink to the bottom of the iTunes store or Google Play listings? Then test the concept with the users who are most likely to use your app. Surveys with image choices can be used to comprehend what potential buyers think of your new manufacturer moulds or even your logo.
  • Mid-production research. Sometimes you need reassurance that your product is heading in the right direction. A marketing research survey can help you make important decisions during the design phase and could make the difference between a good product and an amazing product.
  • Manufacturing quality. Try sending a product feedback survey several weeks or months after a purchase to hear about how your product held up. Are the seams coming loose? Does it still look brand new? Is there one feature in particular that seems to be causing problems or inspiring delight? A feedback survey can help pinpoint design flaws and ways to help you improve your product.
  • Usability testing. For software and applications, nothing beats usability testing to help you understand how your product is being used. Assign tasks and then use a product survey to see how easy your application is to use. You can even use skip logic to help target specific audiences for your app.
  • A new market for your product. Did you invent a new device that you are sure will be the greatest innovation since the telephone? Are you looking to expand your product into new markets? Have you just produced your latest handiwork for sale on Etsy or Ebay? Do you need to find out whether the demographic fits for the location of your new store or office? Do you want to verify that the markets you’re going for are, in fact, the right direction to head in? With a market research survey, you may find that a small enhancement makes a big difference to a certain set of people…or you may discover the value in entering a market you had never thought of before.
  • Pricing. Determining the correct pricing for your offering takes precision and accuracy. Too much, and you could see a significant drop in customers. Too little, and you could be missing out on revenue. A short pricing poll will show whether your product is priced appropriately for your market or whether it’s time to update your prices.

Online questionnaires are not just for web products and services. You can also poll customers of your retail store to learn whether the new merchandise you are thinking of placing on the shelves will resonate with shoppers.

It’s never too late to fine-tune your product and brand before you launch if your success depends on it.

Tips for Successful Product Surveys

  • Survey early and often. Do you have a great idea for a new product? Before spending the time and money to make it happen, send a survey and see what others think. Surveying early on helps you gauge the interest in your idea and lets you know whether it’s worth your investment. But don’t stop there. Sentiments can change over time. For example, people may think a frozen yoghurt cart is an excellent idea in July, but they may not feel the same way come December. It’s hard to measure progress without benchmarks. Think about creating product surveys before, during and after production to see how far you’ve come and to understand how to progress successfully.
  • Filters are your friend. Your results are in and it’s time to analyse them. Filters are a great way to quickly sort through all the information that you have and find exactly what you’re looking for. Imagine that you only want to see responses from people who live in a specific geographic region. Then set that criteria as a filter and see what you want quickly and easily. Ensure that you plan ahead and think about what filters you’d like to use when creating your survey questions.
  • Be concise. “Less is more” is the way to go to foster high completion rates for your survey. Make sure that your questions are clearly written and easy to understand. Keep questions short and to the point. Avoid creating surveys that take a long time to complete or ask too many questions – this can cause your respondents to lose interest and drop out of your survey before it’s complete.

Successful product strategies start with a survey. Go straight to the source – your users – to measure customer awareness, usage and satisfaction over time. Understand how to improve your product and determine whether there’s a need to make changes to your pricing.

Start getting the insights you need to grow your product. Access SurveyMonkey’s product templates and certified survey questions to help you create and send surveys with ease. If you don’t think your users will respond to an online survey, SurveyMonkey’s Precision Polling enables you to survey your users by telephone. Are you looking for targeted people to take your survey? SurveyMonkey Audience is home to millions of qualified respondents who want to share their opinions, so you can have the insights you need in order to make better product decisions.

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