Consumer and Customer Surveys

Hear from Those Who Matter Most with Consumer and Customer Surveys

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The voice of the customer is valuable for any business big or small. What they have to say can mean the difference between a successful fiscal year and a disappointing one. Listen to your clients’ opinions about your product line, customer service, brand recognition, and website quality when you provide a customer service survey after a sale or other transaction. When you hear from your consumers about their experiences with your company or organisation, you’ll be in a much better position to offer the best products and superior customer service that will make them loyal customers for years to come.

It’s Easy to Create A Consumer Feedback Survey in Minutes

After a transaction or campaign, use one of our methodologist-certified customer survey satisfaction templates to learn about their experiences and how you can improve them. Here are a few client survey ideas to get you started.

  • Learn about the mechanics and quality of their experiences. However they interacted with your company – by phone, website, or in person – it’s important to understand how easy and enjoyable their experiences were. Was your website simple to use? Did your help line phone tree confuse them? Was your salesperson friendly and helpful? These are the kinds of things you’ll learn with a consumer experience survey.
  • Find opportunities for cross- or up-selling. A client survey can help you identify additional products or services your clientele might like to buy. This valuable data combined with suitable methods for up-selling can give your marketing and sales teams the information they need to help create more profitable transactions.
  • Keep your customers. Studies show it costs five times as much to gain a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. If your clients aren’t happy with your customer service, they’ll go elsewhere and you may never even know it. Worse, they may tell their friends and family about their negative experience, costing you further business. Use a customer loyalty survey and find out exactly how to keep your customers loyal. Deploy a Net Promoter Score Survey to see where you stand with your customer base.
  • Get new shoppers. Is there a way to improve customer relations to gain new clientele? Sure! Use a market research survey template to discover new ways of reaching out to a whole new audience. Maybe your phone customers would love a website option, or perhaps a phone call is the preferred method. And when your customers are happy, they’ll tell others about their great experience with your company. Deploy a Net Promoter Score Survey to see where you stand with your customer base.

4 Tips for a Great Customer Feedback Survey

  1. Follow up. Let your respondents know they’ve been heard. Thank them for good feedback, or if they had a bad experience, contact them to better understand how you can improve your customer service or what you could do to bring them back.
  2. Make it specific. The more specific your customer relations survey, the more likely you’ll gain valuable information. Instead of, “What do you think of our Widgets?” ask, “You recently purchased Widget XYZ. What did you think of the price?”
  3. Get them while they’re fresh. When you send a client survey after a transaction or campaign, you’ll have a better chance of getting valuable information while it’s fresh in your customers’ minds.
  4. Talk to your customer service representatives. Your customer service representatives are often your best source of information when it comes to what your consumers are saying. You’ll get some great ideas for customer service survey questions from your representatives.

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