Compliance, Regulations, and Accreditation Healthcare Surveys

Running a successful medical practice is not just about prescribing the right medications—it’s also about staying up-to-date with industry regulations. According to our research, nearly 40% of SurveyMonkey customers who use our healthcare surveys say they use them to probe the efficacy of their organisation’s patient safety culture. Join them in using our surveys to comply with healthcare regulations and standards so you can give your patients the best care possible.

Using Surveys in Healthcare Accreditation

Healthcare surveys can be some of your most effective tools in the healthcare accreditation process. In fact, they are sometimes required. We have made compliance with these regulations as simple as possible by offering expert-certified healthcare survey templates for everyone, from dental offices to hospitals. Use these healthcare accreditation resources to gather the data you need to acquire or maintain your certifications.

We make it easy create and send surveys to your patients.

Surveys and questionnaires are crucial because they let accrediting organisations hear directly from your patients about the cleanliness of your facilities, the clarity of your communication, and the overall quality of your care, among other variables. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) can require you to use these healthcare accreditation surveys in order to become an accredited Medicare provider–and other accrediting agencies can mandate their compliance, too.

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Benchmarking With DHHS Surveys

Because so many hospitals and clinics use the same sample surveys, they let accrediting agencies–and you–compare your results to the aggregated data of others in your region or across the country. You can learn more about how these surveys can help you stay accredited here. We can turn on a series of enhanced security measures for any questionnaires that collect protected health information (generally, health-related data that can be linked to a specific person’s name or other identifier). Those measures include alerts when users encounter questions, and activity logs to ensure only the proper authorities can access survey responses.

Unique BAAs

Some hospital accreditations and other certifications require special changes to our standard BAA. If that is you, we are happy to negotiate a BAA that meets your specific needs. All our BAAs comply with the HITECH Act and related DHHS regulations.