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SurveyMonkey helps customers across the UK easily create, send and analyse surveys.

Our platform helps organisations make smarter decisions by giving them insights about their employees, potential, and current customers. You can use SurveyMonkey for all sorts of surveys, from gathering customer feedback, to evaluating employee satisfaction, to delving into detailed market research insights. Plus, our easy-to-use tools mean you can get answers to your questions quickly.

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A leading online survey tool in the UK

Large global companies and professionals from across the UK choose SurveyMonkey because it’s easy to use, flexible, secure, and offers in-depth analysis. And the surveys are just as diverse as the people preparing them.

Are your customers in Glasgow as happy as those in Cardiff? A customer feedback survey can give you the quantitative and qualitative data to answer questions like this. See what’s working well and identify room for improvement. Once you’ve gathered these customer insights, you’ll be better placed to make well-informed strategic decisions.

Or maybe you’d rather understand how your brand or your products stack up against the competition. Our surveys can help there too. Survey your target audience and segment based on prospective, occasional and regular customers. You can even use our innovative Industry Benchmarks feature to compare your results to others in the sector.

Then again, perhaps you want to create something that’s a little more playful… Jam or cream first? Settle the age-old debate via an online survey to find out what the British public really thinks. Then segment your results to see if the Devonians and the Cornish are voting true to form.

We have GDPR and privacy covered

SurveyMonkey has been in the EU for many years, with our European HQ in Dublin. This means that we understand the significance of GDPR. We continually make adjustments and improvements to ensure we’re best positioned to meet our legal obligations and help our customers do likewise. We know how important your privacy and your customers’ privacy are, and we’re committed to protecting them.

What’s more, all our plans and products are listed in GBP, so there’s no need to worry about conversion or exchange rates.

Reach people easily and in multiple languages

With SurveyMonkey, you can send out your online surveys in all sorts of different ways: via email, QR code, social media and text messages, or embedded into your website.

We also offer multilingual surveys, which means you can send out the same survey in two or more languages. This is great for speaking to your customers in their own language. And there’s no need for this to turn into an administrative hassle either. Even if you send out a survey in different languages, you can still see the results all in one place and analyse them as a single data set.

Start with our templates and sample questions

SurveyMonkey UK's customers get access to over 100 templates and 2,500 questions to help get you started. The template surveys and questions have been written by experts and are based on sound survey methodology to help you uncover insights quickly.

Sophisticated survey analysis tools

SurveyMonkey’s smart analysis options mean you don’t have to be a number cruncher to understand your survey results. As well as a summary of your data, you can filter based on specific segments and create custom charts. Plus, rather than sifting through mountains of open-text responses, you can use our tagging and sentiment analysis functions to understand the emotions behind responses or create word clouds. This makes it much easier to draw overall conclusions from qualitative questions.

Or, if digging into the data is right up your street, you can export it in a range of different formats such as XLS, CSV and SPSS to use in your favourite statistical analysis tool.

And if you get stuck at any point, our customer support team is here to help. You can even email them in a variety of languages.

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