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Top 22 market research questionnaire examples

Market research is vital for ongoing business success. It’s helpful when you’re weighing up new product or service ideas as it allows you to evaluate market demand and competition. And it’s valuable when you’re preparing for a launch and want to check whether you’ve got your pricing, packaging or placement right. Our suite of concept testing market research templates, below, are perfect for these early stages.But for more mature businesses, market research can also help validate your decisions or identify new opportunities and gaps in the market. Ideal if you’re thinking about making changes. Brand research and customer behaviour surveys come into their own here―check out some examples below.

You also need to understand who your customers are so you can make sure you’re meeting their needs and expectations. And remember that this isn’t static. Attitudes and behaviours change over time. Send out customer profiling questionnaires regularly to make sure you have an up-to-date picture of who you’re selling to. In fact, we also recommend including some demographic questions within every market research survey questionnaire. This way you can identify differences, similarities and trends between and across market segments.

A SurveyMonkey market research questionnaire template is an excellent place to start. But that’s not where it ends. Each of our templates can be customised, meaning you can use the wording and questions most relevant to your organisation. And if you’re worried about having enough people to send your questionnaire out to, worry no more! SurveyMonkey Audience gives you access to millions of respondents ready to provide the answers you need to make critical decisions.

Concept testing questionnaire

Concept testing is helpful when you’re getting ready to launch or relaunch your product or service. It’s about ensuring the item itself, together with its marketing materials, appeals to your target audience. It’s key for making sure your big launch doesn’t go down like a lead balloon.

1. Product testing survey template

So your product is ready to go live? Before you make it available to the public, see how your target market feels about it with this 10-question survey. The feedback will help you identify the right improvements to make at the right time, with questions like:

  • How innovative is this product?
  • How likely are you to replace your current product with this product?
  • In your own words, what are the things you would most like to improve in this new product?

2. Ad testing survey template

Take the guesswork out of your advertising efforts. This eight-question survey will help you understand how your target audience perceives your ad before you give it the green light, featuring questions such as:

  •  How believable is the ad?
  •  How relevant is the ad to your wants and needs?
  •  In your own words, what is the main message of the ad?

3. Name testing survey template

Names can make or break a product. So make sure you test potential names with consumers. Use this market research questionnaire example to get the answers to questions like:

  •  What first comes to mind when you look at the name?
  •  How much does the name fit with this company or brand? 

4. Logo testing survey template

Is your logo unique and memorable? What feelings does it evoke in your target market? Test all your options before going to market, asking questions such as:

  •  How visually appealing is the logo?
  •  Thinking about the logo overall, which of the following best describes your feelings about it?

5. Messaging/claims testing survey template

Is your USP actually unique? Gauge consumers’ reactions to your messaging and claims in advance, using this quick survey template with questions like:

  •  How different is the claim from existing claims?
  •  Does the claim provide too much information, too little information, or the right amount of information?

6. Package testing survey template

Don’t judge a book by its cover―or so the saying goes. But in reality, your product’s packaging says a lot about what’s inside. It needs to be visually appealing, stand out and indicate its quality―premium, budget or middle of the range? And of course it needs not to mislead. Discover if it’s ticking all the right boxes with these sorts of questions:

  •  Click on the part of the package where your eye is drawn. Choose one spot.
  •  How easily do you think you could find the packaging in the shop?

7. Price testing survey template

Does your product or service represent value for money? How price sensitive is your target market? Find out what they really think with this six-question survey template, featuring questions like:

  •  How much do you typically pay for this product category?
  •  If the product above is priced at £7.99, would you say it is:
    • So cheap that you would feel the quality couldn’t be very good
    • A good deal that you are very likely to buy
    • Starting to get expensive so you would have to give it more thought before buying it
    • So expensive that you would never consider buying it

Brand research questionnaire

Brand research aims to find out what your target market thinks of your brand. You can focus on different aspects, from how much they know about your brand, through to how they perceive and identify with it or how regularly they buy your product or service.

8. Brand awareness survey template

Discover the level of awareness of your brand among your target audience with this 10-question market research template. Learn not only how people perceive your brand but also how they discover it, with questions like:

  •  When you think of this product type, what brands come to mind?
  •  When did you first hear about our brand?

9. Brand conversion survey template

See how consumers rate your brand compared to others in the market. With questions like the below, you’ll also learn what drives people towards a particular brand.

  •  Which of the following brands would you consider for your next purchase?
  •  How likely would you be to switch from your top choice brand to another brand?

10.   Brand loyalty survey template

How loyal or fickle are your customers? What percentage of your client base are regular customers, versus occasional purchasers? Get the stats with questions like:

  •  When looking for this product, how likely are you to consider our company first?
  •  In the past 12 months, how many times have you visited our shop?

11.   Brand personality survey template

Consumers have emotional responses to brands. And it’s important you understand how your brand makes people feel. Also learn how customers distinguish your brand from competitors with this template.

  •  What words first come to mind when you think of our brand?
  •  How exciting is our brand?

12.   Brand performance survey template

Design, quality and price are deciding factors for consumers. But which is most important to your target market? Find out with questions like:

  •  How important is price when considering a [product category] purchase?
  •  How well does our brand perform on design?

Customer profiling questionnaire

Understanding your customers or clients is a vital part of market research. Without this, it’s nigh on impossible for your marketing efforts to be successful. And it’s worth bearing in mind that this can shift and change over time, as other competitors enter or exit the market, and as your audience itself develops and changes. This means it’s important to undertake customer profiling research on a regular basis.

Some of these templates are well-suited for those working in B2B who want to find out about their clients’ target customers. Or you could send them around to different team members to get an organisation-wide view of your customers. Meanwhile, some of our other templates are perfect for surveying customers directly.

13.   Typical customer analysis survey template

Ideal for those working in B2B, this quick, five-question survey will help you learn more about your clients’ target customers, their level of repeat business, and how competitive the market is.

  •  How competitive is the market for your target customer?
  •  Is your product or service typically used by the same customer once or multiple times?

14.   Typical customer demographics survey template

Understanding who your client’s customers are requires a holistic approach. Consider aspects like their age, gender and level of education, household income and paint a clear picture of them with this 10-question survey.

  •  What is your target customer’s yearly household income?
  •  In what type of community does your target customer live?

15.   Target market analysis survey template

Understand your client’s target market using this 10-question survey. Identify the types of customers they’re seeking, how much competition there is for these customers and how likely they are to receive repeat business, with questions such as:

  • About what percentage of your target market has purchased a product or service similar to yours?
  •  How many customers do you need to make a profit?

16.   Target market demographics survey template

Who is your target market? Ask them directly using this market research template to find out their age, gender and where they live, along with how often they use and buy the type of products you sell. The template includes questions like:

  •  What is your age?
  •  Which race/ethnicity best describes you?

17.   Employment survey template

Use this market research questionnaire to ask your survey respondents about their employment status and sector of work.

18.   Firmographics survey template

Where do your target customers work? Get to know the types of companies they work in and what their specific roles are by using this 10-question survey, featuring questions like:

  •  About how many employees work at your company?
  •  Which of the following best describes your occupation?

Customer behaviour questionnaire

What does your typical customer journey look like? How much of your target market waits for sales and discounts, and how many make impulse purchases? How much of your audience is happy shopping online versus on the high street? Answering these questions will help you make informed decisions on your pricing and marketing models. And perhaps even the resources you allocate to different sales channels.

19.   Shopper insights survey template

Learn how consumers find out about a business in your category and decide which product or service to buy using this survey, including the following questions:

  •  How often do you wait for sales or coupons before you purchase this [product category]?
  •  How often do you purchase something impulsively?

20.   Consumer behaviour survey template

Which brands do your target customers know of, and how do they hear about them? Use this comprehensive 17-question survey template to understand consumer awareness, consideration and purchasing stages, asking questions such as:

  • How do you typically find out about brands in this product category?
  •  Which of these brand(s) are you aware of?

21.   Path to purchase survey template

What factors influence your target market’s decision to buy? What are their preferred brands? Find all this out with questions like:

  • Regarding purchasing this product category, do you typically make a decision about brands beforehand or at the time of purchase?
  •  Which factors are important to you when you make a decision about which brands to purchase?

22.   Online shopping attitudes survey template

Find out how comfortable your target market is with shopping online, which websites and payment methods they prefer to use and whether they have any privacy or security concerns. This template features questions such as:

  • Which online retailers do you typically use?
  •  How often do privacy concerns prevent you from buying products online?

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