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Find out how successfully your school or university interacts with students, parents and teachers.

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There are many groups in the educational system that contribute to the success of that environment. From students to teachers to parents to administrators, you have a lot of components that need to work together to create a supportive, efficient learning atmosphere. Should one group within the educational system become dissatisfied or ambivalent, it can create a domino effect that disrupts the entire academic community. So how do you know if your educational system is running smoothly? Well. you can send out an educational feedback survey to the different groups in your educational system and see how well things are going within your school or university.

How to Use Our Educational Questionnaire Samples

At SurveyMonkey, we’ve got lots of ways you can start a conversation with your university or school community to gauge mood and effectiveness. Customise a survey of your own, or use one of our methodologist-certified educational survey templates to get you started. Here are a few ideas.

  • Staff satisfaction. Determine the overall mood of your university’s lecturers and instructors with a university staff satisfaction survey. Ask questions such as “How effective is the leadership of your department chair?” and “How fair is your pay at this university?” to discover your staff’s opinions about leadership, work/life balance and available resources..
  • Internet and social media safety. Are students acting appropriately and being safe when they use email, Facebook, MySpace and the Internet in general? We’ve developed several child Internet safety questionnaires for students to determine how, where and when they use social media. You’ll receive answers to questions such as “How much do your parents know about what you do on the Internet?” and “When you’re on social networking websites (like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace), roughly how much of your time do you spend posting things about other people?”. For the best results, make sure you let the students know that these surveys are completely anonymous and secure.
  • Parental involvement. What do parents think about the schools, teachers, community, and even their own ability to contribute effectively to their children’s education? Provide one of our targeted school survey templates focused on the parents, and ask such questions as, “How confident are you in your ability to support your child’s learning at home?” and “How much does a busy schedule prevent you from becoming involved with your child’s current school?”.
  • Overall climate and mood. Sometimes you just need to know how students, teachers, and parents are generally feeling about the school and community. Give them the opportunity to sound off about subjects like, “Our school shows respect for people from all backgrounds and cultures,” “Students think the school rules are fair,” and, “Teasing and picking on other students is pretty common here.”

School and University Survey Examples and Templates

  • Education Demographics Template
    Discover the makeup of your school community with 16 basic demographic questions about gender, income, race, relationship to student and more.
  • Parent Engagement Template
    Understand how parents interact with teachers and other parents about school involvement, fundraising, social needs and volunteering with this 10-question template.
  • Learning Support Template
    Ask parents five short questions about how they support their children’s educational environment at home.
  • Parent Self-Efficacy Template
    How empowered do parents feel to support their child’s learning at home and involvement at school? Help gauge their confidence level with this 7-question survey.
  • University Staff Satisfaction Survey Template
    Use this staff satisfaction survey template to ask university staff about the leadership, interactions, administration and general job satisfaction at their university. It’s a quick, 10-question survey.
  • University Instructor Evaluation Template
    The students have the opportunity to grade the university lecturers and instructors with this 28-question survey. Questions asked centre around course materials, teaching methods, instructor availability, assignment usefulness and overall satisfaction.
  • University Student Graduation Template
    Hear from students about their experience at the university with this 10-question student graduation template. You’ll gain an insight into the expected graduation dates as well as overall impressions about the teaching quality, facilities and future goals.
  • University Student Satisfaction Template
    This 10-question general feedback survey enables college students to express their satisfaction with teaching effectiveness, facilities, registration procedures, campus safety and more.
  • University Teaching Assistant Evaluation Template
    The university TAs are evaluated in this 15-question survey. Students are asked to rate student assistants according to subject knowledge, material presentation, teaching ability, availability and overall effectiveness.
  • K-12 Teacher Feedback Template
    K-12 teachers are asked 10 questions in this teacher satisfaction questionnaire. Subjects such as school safety, resources, administrative support, standardised tests and student achievement are all explored in this template.
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education Pre K-12 Parent Survey Template
    A robust, 80-question survey, this template focuses on parents’ thoughts, feelings, and impressions concerning their experience with their child’s school. It includes questions about the parents’ roles and beliefs, the child’s interactions at school, perceptions of the school environment and demographics.
  • K-12 Parent Survey
    A longer-format survey with 42 questions, this questionnaire explores the relationship a parent of a K-12 child has with the school, community and environment.
  • School Programme Fit Template
    This short, 8-question template asks parents about the relationship between the school’s activities, teaching styles and disciplinary procedures and how they fit in with the child’s abilities, interests and cultural background.
  • Parent Roles and Responsibilities Template
    Parents, students, or educators: Who is responsible for what? In this 12-question survey, you’ll learn how parents feel that educational responsibilities should be divided up between school and home, including safety, learning methods, interests, and peer relationships.
  • School Climate Survey
    How high does your school score in terms of motivating children? Does your school value diversity? Do teachers respect students? See how parents answer these questions and more with this in-depth, 53-question survey.
  • School Sports Student Feedback Template
    This one-page high school sports feedback template asks student athletes about their experiences with teachers, parents and coaches in relation to their sports participation.
  • Bullying Survey Template
    Gain an insight into bullying at your school with this quick, 10-question bullying survey template. It includes questions about the types, severity and frequency of bullying that can occur at state or public schools.
  • Child Behaviour Template
    Parents talk about their child’s behaviour at home and how it relates to their school experience in this 9-question survey. You’ll learn about their child’s educational efforts, reading interest, emotional management, motivation and more.
  • Parental Support Template
    Learn how to better support parents with this 15-question survey template focusing on the challenges parents face. Transportation, school staff, communication, childcare and more are explored.
  • Social Support Template
    Ask parents how their children are doing socially, what they’re doing to support their childre, and how they communicate with them in this short, 4-question survey.
  • Child Email Usage and Safety Template
    This student-focused, 6-question survey asks children about their email usage, their parents’ involvement as well as when, where and how they use email.
  • Child Facebook Usage and Safety Template
    Ask students about their Facebook behaviour, including their parents’ knowledge and involvement, how they use Facebook, how often they access it and the kinds of interactions that happen on the site. This is a 10-question survey.
  • Child General Internet Usage and Safety Template
    This short, 5-question survey explores students’ use of the internet, including how often they use it, their parents’ involvement and the kinds of interactions they have online.
  • Child Myspace Usage and Safety Template
    This 10-question survey asks students about their Myspace behaviour, including their parents’ knowledge and involvement, how they use Myspace, how often they access it and the kinds of interactions that happen on the site. This is a 10-question survey.
  • Child Online Behaviour Template
    This 5-question survey asks students about their use of the internet, including how often they use it, their parents’ involvement and the kinds of interactions they experience online.
  • State School Survey Template
    This state school survey template gains insights from parents and others about the state school systems in their area. It includes questions about perceptions of the local education authority, volunteering availability and how the school system can be improved.

3 Tips to Get Started

  1. Keep it short and focused . Make sure each question brings you closer to your goal. Be mindful of survey takers’ time and word the questions clearly. A good rule of thumb is that your survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete.
  2. Remember the audience. You speak to children differently to how you speak to parents and educators. Keep your audience in mind when you’re writing questions and adjust according to the audience.
  3. Do a test run. Do a pre-test run of your survey to discover awkward wording, incomplete thoughts, faulty skip logic and to help estimate the amount of time the survey will take a respondent to complete. You might be surprised what you discover.

Do You Have More Questions?

If you are interested in using an education survey template but have further questions, please get in touch with us.

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