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With SurveyMonkey Anywhere, your work doesn’t stop when WiFi does

With SurveyMonkey Anywhere, your work doesn’t stop when WiFi does

Here’s the scene: you’re at a trade show using your iPad to conduct in-person surveys.

All of a sudden the loading bar on your survey-taker’s screen slows to a halt. Again.

You try refreshing the page, logging out and back into WiFi, or scanning the skies for a data signal (all of this, as you know, looks super professional).

You apologize. Maybe you put away the iPad and resort to handing out old-school paper surveys instead.

You miss out on a lot of good data.

For the ambitiously curious, field surveys can be a beautiful thing. But what happens when your field research leads you to conventions in signal-smothering concrete buildings, rural geographies, or other WiFi and cellular data dead zones?

With the new SurveyMonkey Anywhere, you keep going.

In offline mode.

Introducing SurveyMonkey Anywhere

The SurveyMonkey Anywhere mobile app transforms any iOS or Android device into a fast, secure, mobile survey kiosk that won’t slow down just because of some spotty (or non-existent) WiFi, making it perfect for conducting easier, more reliable field surveys—no matter where they happen.

Take these examples:

  • Events: Easily capture leads at trade shows, conferences, and other gatherings where you can’t let an unreliable connection get in your way.
  • Market research: Conduct in-the-field research in remote locations where there’s often limited internet. Whether it’s a retail store, university campus, national park, or a mountain resort, we’ve got you covered.
  • Field workers: SurveyMonkey Anywhere was built with on-the-go workers in mind—whether you’re in tech service, auditing, insurance, plumbing, farming, or any other highly mobile professional.
  • Customer satisfaction: Ensure the happiness of your customers by quickly gathering CSAT data in hospitals, airports, hotels, theme parks, malls, or, well (you guessed it), anywhere!
  • Employee satisfaction: Industrial, manufacturing, and hospitality jobs (to name a few) don’t have their employees regularly checking email. Capture the employee feedback you need on site with SurveyMonkey Anywhere.

Get secure, scalable, user-friendly offline surveys

SurveyMonkey Anywhere is simple enough for the everyday survey-taker to use comfortably, yet powerful enough to support fast, widespread data collection for full-scale enterprises.

Interface: Your kiosk-style surveys display full-screen, eliminating visual clutter like browser interfaces and toolbars, and keeping survey-takers focused, generating faster, more valid data anywhere.

Security: Because SurveyMonkey Anywhere is fully functional offline, you can operate your device in lockdown or airplane mode, keeping both your private data and your respondents’ safe. Your data also stays encrypted both on the device, and while en route to the cloud.

Multiple device management: Businesses can run SurveyMonkey Anywhere on as many devices as they need, making it perfect for scalable, enterprise-level market research. Additionally, admins can manage teams and keep tabs on devices, wherever they are.

What are you waiting for?

Be one of the first to experience SurveyMonkey’s dependable, robust functionality alongside the freedom of offline, interruption-proof field surveys and data collection.

SurveyMonkey Anywhere is now available for Android, with an iOS version coming soon.

Interested in the particulars? Learn more here or contact our sales team and they’ll be happy to talk to you.