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SurveyMonkey welcomes Salesforce® CX leader GetFeedback to the family

SurveyMonkey welcomes Salesforce® CX leader GetFeedback to the family

What makes your company stand out? Slick product, attractive pricing, big bang marketing campaign? Think again. 

Customer experience is quickly overtaking all of these as the most important differentiator. In fact, last year, 89% of companies said they compete primarily on the basis of customer experience–up from just 36% in 2010.

To deliver incredible experiences to your customers, you need to listen to and act on their feedback. SurveyMonkey was founded on the belief that feedback can provide insights that form a valuable currency in today’s Feedback Economy. And, about 6 years ago, another company’s founders believed in the value of feedback data so much, they named the company for it. 

GetFeedback, a San Francisco-based leader in the customer experience (CX) space, was born out of the need to seamlessly embed customer experience data in Salesforce, where it can be easily accessed and acted on. Today, we finalized our acquisition of GetFeedback, sealing a partnership that combines our 20 years of feedback expertise with their unparalleled expertise in driving action within the Salesforce ecosystem.

We believe the acquisition of GetFeedback, combined with SurveyMonkey’s offerings like Usabilla, CX, and TechValidate, will allow us to provide our customers with one of the most comprehensive customer experience suites via an open platform that easily integrates with leading providers of customer data. 

Marrying feedback with customer data for a holistic view

SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback complement each other in many ways. One of the biggest things we have in common is the belief that feedback is most valuable when it flows directly into the apps that teams use every day.  

GetFeedback is the leading customer experience solution for collecting, sharing, and acting on customer feedback in Salesforce. Add that to SurveyMonkey’s expertise in survey methodology, best-in-market time to value, and enterprise-class capabilities–and we think it’s a winning combination.

Here’s an example of how the GetFeedback solution can help teams act on feedback across every Salesforce cloud:

Sun Basket, a premier meal kit delivery service, sends customers a GetFeedback survey after every service interaction to better understand and improve the experience. One way they collect feedback is through Salesforce chat, and that data is mapped directly back into the Salesforce customer record. Because customer and feedback data is all in one place, the Sun Basket team has a 360 degree view of each customer, and can easily take action to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

What does this look like for our customers?

This partnership really is all about our customers. Our goal is to make sure we leverage our combined product offerings to provide an innovative customer experience solution for both current and future enterprise customers.

This product convergence will offer many benefits–like speed to insight and accelerating the ability to take action. We are confident that these advantages will result in big gains for our customers, like improving loyalty and achieving new levels of customer satisfaction to gain a competitive advantage.

SurveyMonkey is excited to continue innovating and delivering leading solutions for customer experience management. We are incredibly excited and lucky to welcome the GetFeedback team in our mission to innovate on customer experience solutions, seamlessly integrated with leading systems of record.