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SurveyMonkey CX unveils new ways to customize, share, and close the loop on surveys

SurveyMonkey CX unveils new ways to customize, share, and close the loop on surveys

This summer, we’re unveiling a number of exciting product updates to our customer experience solution, SurveyMonkey CX, that will make it easier to close the loop with customers—and keep your org in the loop, too. These new features provide more flexibility to tailor the survey experience, advanced reporting capabilities to filter and share out data with the teams that need it to take action, and a more efficient and consistent way to follow up with respondents at scale. Read on for a quick summary of what’s new!

Create a custom end-survey experience

Reviews can make or break a business—and you’ve got an untapped source of happy customers who would surely leave a glowing review about your product or brand. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily direct all your NPS promoters to a review site? 

With SurveyMonkey CX’s new End-survey Experience feature, you can now create custom end experiences for your recipients based on their sentiment. You also have the option to redirect your survey recipients to an external webpage outside of the survey, such as a review site or landing page. 

That means your NPS promoters could be sent to a custom end page that encourages them to head to a review site, while your detractors might see a personalized message that lets them know someone from your support, customer success, or product team will be reaching out to better understand and address their issues. 


Share CX data throughout your org with Reports

In a recent study, we found 44% of CX professionals said sharing customer data, insights, and stories with the broader organization is a top challenge. Our new SurveyMonkey CX Reports feature addresses this challenge head-on by making it easy to generate custom reports and share them with your org.

With Reports, it’s easy to keep your org in the loop by creating custom NPS® dashboards, which can be configured using pre-set filters like location, subscription level, and sentiment; automating report delivery on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis; and setting up alerts to notify you whenever a new response comes in that matches your desired criteria.

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Follow up at scale with Conversation Templates

Asking for feedback is only the first step in cultivating a delightful customer experience. You’ve still got to close the loop with your respondents, which can be a huge task—particularly if you’ve got a big pool of customers. SurveyMonkey CX’s new Conversation Templates make follow-up a breeze by enabling your team to reply to customer feedback at scale. 

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With templated messages that your team can build off of, you can more efficiently reach out and deliver personalized responses to customers while also staying in control of your brand voice. Admins can create pre-approved templates to ensure consistent messaging. 

Conversation templates also make it easy to customize your outreach based on sentiment. For instance, you can create a template for promoters that asks them to be a reference, leave a review, or provide a testimonial. For passives, you can ask follow-up questions to understand what can make their experience better. For detractors, the template might encourage them to schedule a phone call with your support or customer success team.

To personalize follow-up, you can add custom variables to templates, such as recipient first name, last name, survey, NPS score, and more.

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