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SurveyMonkey and Microsoft: Teaming up to deliver insights right into your inbox

SurveyMonkey and Microsoft: Teaming up to deliver insights right into your inbox

SurveyMonkey’s most popular integrations deliver value to our customers by extending the context and color of feedback into enterprise systems. That’s why we’re excited to expand our partnership with Microsoft through a new integration that delivers feedback into Microsoft Outlook. It’s another way we’re helping companies get insights and take action on feedback in the business applications teams rely on every day.

This new integration allows users to automatically identify their most recent collaborators and request feedback on their impact, right in Microsoft Outlook. Using the Microsoft Graph API and Actionable Messages in Outlook, the integration supports intelligent peer-to-peer feedback to help employees act upon goals for professional development.

“The modern workplace is evolving at a quick pace. This new integration with SurveyMonkey empowers customers to gather the most relevant and meaningful feedback, while uncovering insights that will help them drive productivity, engagement, and better collaboration–all without leaving Outlook,” says Mike Ammerlaan, Director of Product Marketing Ecosystem, Microsoft.

SurveyMonkey is giving a sneak preview of the Outlook integration at the Microsoft Build developer conference, held May 6-8 in Seattle, Washington.

Watch a short preview of the new integration, coming soon to an Outlook inbox near you!

Over the past year, SurveyMonkey has doubled down on our strategic partnership with Microsoft. We’ve built integrations for their industry-leading productivity solutions, including Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and OneDrive.

In addition, we’ve also recently launched an integration for Microsoft Power BI, allowing more of our customers to easily visualize business-critical survey feedback with other data.  

“Our goal is to continue to build integrations that fit into our customers’ existing workflows,” says Priyanka Carr, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Development, and Strategic Partnerships, SurveyMonkey. “By automating the process of collecting feedback data and making those insights available within applications, our customers can take action in real time.”

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