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Setting new NPS® standards by seeing feedback in Power BI

Setting new NPS® standards by seeing feedback in Power BI

What do we want to know about our customers? That was the starting point for CoastHills when they decided to revamp their survey method.

The credit union, which is the largest in California’s central coast region with $1 billion in assets, was serious about staying on top of customer satisfaction. They sent 10,000 surveys each month to any of their 66,000 members who had teller interactions, and branch employees were paid incentives for getting “perfect” customer service scores.

However, the company had outsourced the survey process, and getting feedback took up to 45 days. Once survey results came in, CoastHills employees took several days to analyze the data and create a report. Tellers had no idea what their incentive payouts would be for the previous month, and couldn’t make a clear connection between their service interactions and customer feedback.

In an ideal world, what do you want to know?

Taking control of the survey process

Scott Olson, Senior Vice President of Technology at CoastHills, worked with Jeanette Daley, who oversees branch operations. He asked Jeanette a simple question: in an ideal world, what do you want to know?  

“She knew exactly what she wanted,” said Scott. "She wanted to automatically see NPS scores by individual branches and tellers, and view tellers’ “perfect” scores by month. She also wanted access to the actual surveys, so that if there was a low score, she could immediately reach out to those members and say, ‘Hey, what can we do to make this better?’”

Scott knew he could get the data that Jeanette wanted, but needed to take control of the survey process. His goal was to create a platform that front line stakeholders could use on a daily basis; sort of a self-service BI (business intelligence) system.

Driving NPS to a new level

He turned to SurveyMonkey CX and set up a process to automate NPS by triggering surveys after each teller interaction. In addition, he installed the Microsoft Power BI integration with SurveyMonkey Enterprise to incorporate an internal rating system. “Our set up was a hybrid because it has NPS and 5 other metrics we're comparing. We now have a perfect score idiom that dictates our teller's incentive structure.”

The Power BI integration automatically pulls data from SurveyMonkey and is updated every 3 hours. This is a huge improvement over previous reporting, which required a CoastHills employee to pull together a report every month. “Some poor person was spending an entire day manually creating a report off some very rough numbers,” says Scott. “Now, the report basically creates itself."

With the Power BI integration, branch personnel can see data in real time, and drill down into individual metrics. “A branch manager can look at all their surveys, export to an Excel spreadsheet, and review it with a teller,” says Scott. “They can go over individual NPS, negative feedback, and perfect scores, so a teller has immediate insights into their interactions.”

"This is what success looks like."

Happier customers, more productive branches

“Over time, the tellers are getting better and better at their jobs because they're getting that instant feedback,” says Scott. “They're seeing what really works.”

CoastHills is able to track trends and analyze how different branches perform. SurveyMonkey CX also allows them to compare their performance against other financial institutions. They use key driver analysis to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and to make adjustments. 

CoastHills NPS started around 65, and now trends from 67 to 71, which is a remarkable score for a financial services organization, which usually averages a 39 NPS, according to SurveyMonkey benchmarks. This has helped CoastHills show its member commitment to their board.

“I really like the fact that we can see our progress. Our NPS trend is gradually going up.”

A boost for NPS, company wide

CoastHills branch managers have given the new survey and reporting solution a big thumbs up. While it started as a way to track overall NPS, it is now a solution that is used to see how each branch and employee is performing. 

Says Scott, “One of the things that we're trying to do with this tool is to show people, hey, this is what success looks like.”

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