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Progressive Direct: Driving customer satisfaction with SurveyMonkey CX

Progressive Direct: Driving customer satisfaction with SurveyMonkey CX

See how Progressive Direct doubled their survey response rates—and how they made significant improvements in a fraction of the time with SurveyMonkey CX.

When you’re looking to grow your brand, ensuring customers are happy at every touchpoint is crucial. This is especially so for auto insurance company Progressive Direct, because their customers manage their policies exclusively online. To ensure their customers are truly happy with the predominantly virtual process, Progressive Direct uses SurveyMonkey CX to track their NPS® (Net Promoter Score®) and optimize their experience. 

Before SurveyMonkey CX, they had a cumbersome manual process which required professional analysis and unwieldy spreadsheets. “We always felt two or three steps behind the data,” said Simon Lyndsay, CEO of Progressive Direct, Australia.

The search

Since Progressive Direct is in the business of delivering seamless digital experiences, they knew exactly what the right solution should look like. They needed it to:

  1. be affordable and easy to implement right off-the-shelf
  2. provide a simple user experience for their team and customers, and
  3. provide clear and actionable insights.

They found everything they were looking for and more in SurveyMonkey CX.

View the Progressive Journey:

The results

“The biggest upside that we’ve seen so far was … almost doubling the response rates over the previous survey we we’re used to seeing,” said Nick Bell, Head of Product and Services.“I think that’s related to the easy interface, the ability for us to make the questions simple, and so it’s just a more inviting experience.”

In addition to being surprised by how quick it was to get SurveyMonkey CX up and running, they soon found the data they desired flowing to their fingertips. Because the data is timely and easy to interpret, they can drill down, have fact-driven discussions, model proposed changes, and understand the impact to the business immediately.

What it means

Progressive Direct now has a single solution to collect, aggregate, and analyze the reasons behind their detractor and promoter scores. With CRM integration these details can even be tied back to individual customer records. “We’re selling an intangible promise essentially, with customers paying a premium upfront, and we only ever deliver when there is a claim … We therefore really focus on our claims, and NPS is a key living indicator of how we drive that confidence in our brand.” said Lindsay. Zeroing in on key drivers behind their NPS, like repair time, makes it possible for them to focus on improving shops with slower restoration schedules, and remove glitches that undermine trust.

The insights from SurveyMonkey CX are easy to interpret by everyone in their organization, without requiring a specialist. This makes it possible for the entire organization to remain driven by their overall mission to ensure customer happiness, and truly understand how their role impacts their NPS.

So, what does an improved NPS mean for the business? They can make faster, yet highly informed business decisions. But more importantly, they’re able to gather and easily understand the data when it matters most, regularly incorporate feedback, provide better experiences, and improve retention rates—all of which add up to happier customers and higher revenues. “Happy customers are going to stay with us longer, and they’re going to promote us with their friends and family … we use SurveyMonkey to measure happiness of our customers, at each part of our customer’s journey,” said Lyndsay.

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