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Stay curious! You'll find something.

A recap of Survey September: a whole month dedicated to curiosity

A recap of Survey September: a whole month dedicated to curiosity

Here at SurveyMonkey, we’re lucky to have employees who are both survey experts AND naturally curious.

For as much as we know about surveys, we know that we can always learn more.

Our own survey results show that across the board, most people define themselves as curious.

About two-thirds of men, women, millennials and seniors describe say they are either “extremely” or “very curious.”

More than half of people in managerial positions at work say that curious people often “have a big impact on the people around them.”

More than two-thirds of people in non-managerial roles at work say that “management encourages asking questions.”

Well, asking questions is what SurveyMonkey is all about! To help spark more even more curiosity in our employees, we dubbed the month of September #SurveySeptember. We had different contests and events designed to keep our own employees engaged with the SurveyMonkey product. With a team of more than 700 spread across seven offices in three continents, we had some great ideas.

As part of #SurveySeptember, we encouraged employees to come up with their own new survey templates. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Our CEO created his own survey template to track three things he’s grateful for every day. You can find it here, and send it to yourself as a recurring survey to keep track of your own daily gratitude.
  • One of our Portland team members created an anxiety-tracking survey that she can use to keep herself healthy. View it here, and use it as a template to make one of your own!

Maybe some of our curiosity will rub off on you! Create your next SurveyMonkey survey today.