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Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions are sponsoring our CUSTOMER SERVICE CHAMPION award.

Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions are sponsoring our <span style="color: #62148c;">CUSTOMER SERVICE CHAMPION</span> award.
Please complete your details including your name and dept/setting below.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate.

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* 2. Please include the full name of your department or setting

Please complete your nomination for CUSTOMER SERVICE CHAMPION below including a full name and reason why you chose them.  Please feel free to tell us in your own words why you have chosen this person - we have given you a reminder of the guidelines for the categories.

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* 4. Tell us why you are nominating this person for Customer Service Champion

This is someone who:-

- deal directly with the public or other customers (in person or on the phone)
- consistently deliver a professional, efficient service
- resolves conflict and represents the team positively to customers.

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