Your local Church of England church is keen to understand your views on what you see as our purpose, what you think should be our priorities and your ideas for how we could be more effective.
Please help us by answering this short questionnaire before 15th August 2017.
Your views are completely anonymous and we encourage you to give us your honest feedback.
However, if you would like to discuss your views directly with someone, do please visit and follow the links to your local church and a directory of phone numbers that will include your local vicar.
Thank you for taking the time to help us serve you better.

* 1. Which church (name/location) do you consider to be your local church?

* 2. Please complete the following sentence:   The reason we have a local church is.....

* 3. What, for you, is most important about your local church?

* 4. What do you think your local church does well?

* 5. What do you think your local church does now but could do better?

* 6. What do you think your local church should do that is not done now?

* 7. If your local church did not exist, what, if anything, would you miss?

* 8. What would make your local church more relevant to you?

* 9. What are the issues that concern you most today where you think your local church could play a role?

* 10. In the next 12 months, how often do you think you will go to a service or activity with your local church?

* 11. Any other comments you would like to make about the role of the church in your local community?

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