York, N Yorks & East Riding Industrial Strategy response

This is a survey to gather views of local businesses and organisations, to contribute to the Industrial Strategy consultation response from the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP.

Contributions are welcome up until the 7th April. We will collate all responses for submission to Government by the 17th April.

You are welcome to comment solely on the sections that are relevant to you. Please do let us have your contact details on the final page
The Industrial Strategy consultation is broken down into 10 different 'Pillars' and asks 38 specific questions. We have decided that we will base our response on the 10 Pillars, rather than drilling into the detail that the questions pose.
We intend to respond with our 'asks' of government policy, and our offers for local solutions we can or do provide.
Whilst the entire Industrial Strategy consultation is a long read, we have linked the relevant chapters from each of the subsequent survey sections.
We begin by reflecting our overall views on the Industrial Strategy, our summary responses are:
  • A call for a longer term more stable approach to economic policy and institutions
  • Taking some big decisions to drive a more strategic approach with some clear goal setting
  • A call for a strong commitment to support LEPs and Growth Hubs and greater clarity on the geography of interventions
  • More sharing of what works and understanding the real needs of businesses and industry
  • Recognising that there will be an economic impact from Brexit, and proactively supporting businesses to maximise opportunities and minimise risks.


Question Title

* 1. Do you support our headline responses?

Question Title

* 2. Do you have any additional overall comments about the Strategy consultation that you wish us to feed in?