1. Help reinvent the Liberal Democrats

Britain is fast moving down the wrong path. Too many people feel they've lost control of their futures. The economy might be growing, but not where it's needed most. Too many unprincipled politicians are willing to find someone to blame, playing on people's fears to win more votes. 
We can't stand by and let it go on like this. To save Britain's future we need a party that will stand up for the liberal, welcoming values that made Britain an open, progressive and successful country. We need a party that will protect our place at the heart of Europe, protect the individual against those that would exploit them, and protect the economy that powers our progress.
The Liberal Democrats want to be this party: but they need to embrace radical change if they’re going to succeed. Even in their best years, the Lib Dems haven't done well enough - and they’re a long way from their best years now.

If we're serious about saving Britain’s future, then we must help the Liberal Democrats reinvent themselves: as a fast-moving and inspirational movement that stands up for our future, and that no one can ignore. Your Liberal Britain is here to convince and enable the party to do just that. We're a movement of members of the Liberal Democrats, working to help the party change its fortunes.

This survey gives you a chance to express your views about our work - and to suggest new initiatives for us to launch. If you'd like to find out how to get involved, join our mailing list here, and find out about all the opportunities and initiatives we have going on here.