Introduction (please read carefully)

Please read the following carefully before starting the survey

Welcome to the PrescQIPP 2022/23 work plan consultation which is split into three parts.

Please note: This is an organisational consultation rather than one for individual views. Please discuss with your teams before responding. If we get two submissions from an organisation, only the first submission will be counted unless you tell us otherwise. Please ensure you have your discussions within your teams and nominate someone to fill in the form before responding.

Part 1: A review of the older resources on the website to see if people want these updated (or refreshed) archived or, for those less than three years old, kept as they are for this year.

Part 2: Considerations for new items on the work plan - Please vote for priority level - 1 to 5 for each item, 5 being highest priority and 1 being lowest. The items which score highest overall will make it onto the work plan. Dates for delivery will be based on priority level plus launch dates for national guidance/products.

Due to the Christmas holiday period, we are allowing extra time to complete the survey. We will preferably need final responses in by 5pm on Monday 31st January (to give us enough time to pull together a work plan and discuss with the Board and Council of Members). However, we understand that many of you are working on the COVID vaccination programme so are happy to be flexible and extend for a short time if you need it, please let us know if you would like a short extension.

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