The ukactive Research Institute, in partnership with Sport England, are conducting a consultation to understand more about the opportunities people have to be physically active during the working day, with a particular focus on small to medium sized enterprises across the UK.

We want to understand what employers are currently doing to support employee physical activity, what works, what does not work, and what further support is needed to help employees move more while at work. This consultation also aims to understand how the fitness and leisure sector, for example gyms, leisure centres and personal trainers, are currently supporting organisations to be active, and to gather further insight so they can provide the best support possible.  

What we learn from this consultation will be shared through a flagship report, and will provide tangible recommendations and steps that 1) organisations and businesses, such as yours, can take to put in place physical activity opportunities and support for employees and 2) the fitness and leisure sector can take to support businesses and their employees to be more active.  

We would like to gather as many different perspectives as possible, and greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. The results from this survey will be used to inform focus groups, which will explore some areas in deeper discussion. 

Data Protection
All data will be viewed with confidence and is collected for the purposes of this consultation and associated research. Your individual submissions will remain anonymous and not be shared unless you wish this to be the case, and we will contact you before sharing the information contained or adding identifying details. Submissions will be used to inform recommendations as part of a flagship report developed by the ukactive Research institute and Sport England, which aims to support and further workplace physical activity opportunities for businesses. Where relevant, data may be used as part of academic publications, to also further the evidence base in this area. All information provided within this survey will remain confidential and stored securely in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 
By completing the submission, you agree to take part in the consultation. You understand that data collected for this will be looked at by individuals from ukactive. By completing this submission, you give permission for individuals from this organisation to have access to your submitted data. You may be contact for further information as required where it relates to this project. If you have any questions or issues over the confidentiality of this submission form, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the ukactive Research Institute by emailing

As a thank you for taking part and giving up your time we would like to offer you the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw to win:
- A Physical Activity for Good Mental health training session for your team worth £450, care of our partners at Workplace Movement. Valid for up to 15 colleagues and delivered virtually.
- One of three £50 amazon vouchers. 

You have the option of entering your email address for this at the end of the survey.

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* 1. I consent to take part in this survey and this research