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We hope that you will complete our Questionnaire. Your answers will have a great impact on the future of your village.  

Wolvey Neighbourhood Planning Advisory Committee was set up by the Parish Council earlier this year.  We aim to produce a Neighbourhood Plan which will help us to control future development throughout the Parish so that we only get the very best and most appropriate growth. 

Our Plan will also look at maintaining and improving the services and facilities needed locally as well as protecting locally important open space and heritage assets in and around the village.

Our Plan will be largely based on the information obtained in this exercise, having regard to the emerging Rugby Local Plan.  The process will take time and there will be opportunities for you to have your say as the Plan is developed. Ultimately a local referendum will be held before the Plan becomes a legally binding document. 

We know that your time is precious but please could we ask you to consider and answer these questions so that we can move forward quickly with this important task.

Anyone in your household can complete the questionnaire.

Question Title

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