What you love about the Isle of Wight

By completing this short survey, you are adding your knowledge, opinion and experience to the information that will underpin an application to recognise the Isle of Wight as a Biosphere. Find out more here. 

Previous Island surveys and censuses have shown that the following list of natural and cultural qualities are what people most value and enjoy about the Isle of Wight. We would like to explore this further with your help.

Give a score to each of these Island features according to your own preferences. It doesn’t matter if you give the same score to more than one answer. Score 1 if it’s something that you don’t value at all and score 7 if it’s something that you value highly.

There is a section under each question for you to add any additional comments and there is a final section where you can let us know if there are areas of importance that you feel have been missed.

Thank you for taking part.

Question Title

* 1. Landscape

The countryside, scenery, seascapes and town and village settings that you encounter in and around the Island; the seasonality, variety and spectacle of its built and natural environment. Is the Island landscape something special to you?

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* 2. Wildlife

Both your own encounters with Island wildlife and your general view of the Island’s ecological importance (in other words the things that you have seen and things that you know you might see!). Is Island wildlife important to you?

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* 3. Coast and Beaches

These are of course parts of the landscape too, but they are a very particular part of people’s experience and enjoyment of Island life and define its ‘islandness’. Is the Island’s coastline a feature that you especially value?

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* 4. Tranquillity and Dark Skies

This category measures the degree to which human beings can experience their environment unhindered by disruptive noise, artificial lighting etc. This really asks if the Island gives you places where you can ‘get away from it all’ and find some peace! Is the Island a tranquil place for you?

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* 5. Walking

Just going for a walk is perhaps the simplest way to enjoy a place, find new things of interest or reinforce the familiar. Is Island walking something of particular value to you?

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* 6. Food and Drink

There are cafes, pubs and restaurants across the Island, as well as a range of projects that are making more of Island produce. Is local food and drink something you think of as special?

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* 7. Music, Art and Culture

Festivals and local bands; theatres, museums and arts centres; church hall concerts and touring shows, these are all a part of the calendar of Island life.  Is the availability of cultural events and activities important to you?

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* 8. Please use this space to note any other things you love about the Isle of Wight.

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* 9. What is your postcode?