If you were in charge, what would you do?

The NHS is changing and it needs your help. As medicine advances, health needs change and society develops, the NHS has to continually move forward so that in 10 years time we have a service fit for the future.

The NHS has recently published a new document called the Long Term Plan which will do just that. Drawn up by those who know the NHS best – frontline health and care staff, patients and their families and other experts – the Long Term Plan is ambitious but realistic. The plan sets out how services will develop over the coming years to improve people’s health and wellbeing. It will give everyone the best start in life; deliver world-class care for major health problems, such as cancer and heart disease, and help people age well.

By 2023 the government will invest an extra £20 billion a year in the NHS. Your local NHS wants to know what you would do to make care better.

If you were in charge what would you do?

How would you help people live healthier lives? From birth to old age? What would you do to help improve support for people?

To ensure that the plan reflects local needs and make sure that you, your family and your community get care when you need it, it’s important that we hear your thoughts. Let us know about your recent experience of health and social care services. No matter how big or small the issue, we want to hear about it.

The Long Term Plan sets out a number of priorities/ ambitions of which a small number have been selected here for more detailed discussion. These have been selected as in a previous engagement exercise in 2017 members of the public in South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw said that these were areas of importance to them*.

The links for the full Long Term Plan are below and you can highlight other areas that you would like to be taken into consideration in the shaping of the local plan by stating what they are in the final question of the survey.

You can find out more about the NHS Long Term Plan here:



*The 2017 South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw engagement report can be found here: https://www.healthandcaretogethersyb.co.uk/application/files/9615/0305/4207/Summary_paper_to_the_collaborative_partnership_board.pdf

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* 1. By selecting Yes, you are consenting to your responses being made available to your local area Healthwatch (e.g. Healthwatch Doncaster if you live in Doncaster or Healthwatch Barnsley if you live in Barnsley).

The information gathered from this survey will also be analysed and the findings and a report will be shared with Healthwatch England, the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Integrated Care System, NHS England and other partners. The engagement report will also be published on your local Healthwatch's website and the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Integrated Care System website.

If you do not consent to these your responses being shared in this way, thank you for taking the time to consider completing our survey, please select ‘No’ and you will be taken to the end of the survey.

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