We have been undergoing a comprehensive review of how our properties are allocated. 

The aim of the review is to make sure that the Council is making best use of its housing and that the way properties are allocated is as fair as possible to those in need of housing or looking to move. The impact of benefit changes and new legal requirements introduced under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 also need to be considered as part of the review. 

The review of the Allocations Policy has been split into two phases:

Phase 1 – Early consultation, which ran from Oct to Dec 2016, this highlighted areas where change should be made and formed the basis of the new draft Allocations Policy.

Phase 2 – This is the phase we are in now where we want people  to comment on the draft Allocations Policy itself.

This survey is made up of 10 questions.  Before each question you will see the section in the Allocations Policy to which the question relates to, so please take the time to read this section before answering the question. 

* 1. Please tell us who is completing this survey.

* 2. Section 5.2 - Reasonable Preference Group
Do you agree with how section 5.2 of the Policy has defined unsatisfactory housing conditions?

* 3. Section 5.2 - Reasonable Preference Group
Is there anything else not mentioned that you would have liked to see in the definition?

* 4. Section 5.2 - Reasonable Preference Group
The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 has set out three key groups which must be given reasonable preference in allocation policies, which this policy has taken account of.  The Act also sets out that landlords are able to specify additional groups who can be given reasonable preference (as long as they don't get more preference than those groups set out in the Act). We are considering awarding young care leaver's priority as a preference group.  This means that young care leavers can access housing without being homeless.  Do you think this is a group of applicants that should be prioritised?

* 5. Section 5.2 - Reasonable Preference Group
Do you think a 2% quota for young care leavers is reasonable (bearing in mind that the number of care leavers coming through this route is expected to be very small)?

* 6. Section 5.10 - Short Scottish Secure Tenancies
The Council aims to make use of the additional powers granted to them over the use of SSST's, do you agree with how the Council, in section 5.10 intends to use these powers as a tool to help tackle anti-social behaviour and tenancy issues?

* 7. Sections - 5.3 Mutual Exchange, 5.4 Subletting, 5.5 Assignation, 5.6 Joint Tenancies, 5.7 Succession
In accordance with the new legislation (Housing (Scotland) Act 2014) the Council must have been informed of a person staying in the household, and they must have stayed in that property as their only principle home for 12 months before the tenant can Assign, Sublet, sign a Joint Tenancy, or Succeed to the property.  Is this point made clear enough in the policy?

* 8. Section 5.4 - Subletting
Do you agree with the Council allowing tenants who have received a custodial sentence of less than a year being able to sublet their tenancy?  This allows them to retain their tenancy, not have to present as homeless on release, and avoids creating an unnecessary void.

* 9. Section 7.1 - Allocation of Adapted Housing
We want to allocate properties that have been adapted as efficiently as possible, to ensure that only those people who require the adaption would be allocated to them.  If no suitable applicant is on the list when an adapted property becomes available, the property would be used as a temporary accommodation unit until someone requiring the adaption needs rehoused.  Do you agree with the Council allocating adapted properties in this way

* 10. Section 15 - Lettings Plans & Initiatives
The Council aims to use Lettings Plans and Letting Initiatives as a tool to help tackle areas which suffer from low or no demand.  Do you agree with this aim and is there anything else you would like to see the Council introducing for areas like this?