We’d like to know how you feel about Warwick Words to help with planning for next year. Please help us by giving us your feedback.

* 1. How did you find out about Warwick Words? (Please tick as many as apply).

* 2. How many events did you visit at this Festival?

* 3. Thinking about your experience at  Warwick Words. how do you rate it ?
a. Overall

* b. good value for money

* 4. Where do you live?

* 5. If you do not live in Warwick, are you?

* 6. What is your age?

* 7. Apart from the Festival, what, if anything else, did you do while in Warwick? Please tick as many as apply

* 8. What did you like best about Warwick Words?

* 9. And what could have been better?

* 10. Would you say that Warwick Words...

* 11. Do you have any suggestions for next year's programme?