Warner's Park Pavilion

Warner's Park pavilion renewed and regenerated would be a unique and important asset to the local residents and a great place for people from other parts of St Ives to enjoy.


The two main objectives initially considered were:

1. To provide public toilet facilities for the many who use the park.

2. To promote and encourage more use of the park, by the residents of St Ives.


The upgrade of the kitchen in the pavilion would allow the possibility of:

1. A pop-up cafe

2. Provide food and refreshments at sporting and cultural events.

3. Encourage organisations within the community to use the park for more organised events.

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* 2. Would you use the new community facilities?

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* 3. If yes, how often would you use these facilities (daily, weekly, monthly)?

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* 4. What events and activities would benefit from the use of a communal area?

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* 5. Any other ideas and thoughts?

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