Dog Survey

This survey is intended to be used as a guide only. If you have any concerns regarding the health of your pet, please contact us on 01382 549600

* 1. How active is your dog?

  Very playful Moderately playful Not playful at all
Is your dog playful indoors?
Is your dog playful outdoors?

* 2. Does your dog find it easy to ascend or descend stairs?

* 3. Can your dog  get in and out of a car?

* 4. Does your dog enjoy going on walks?

* 5. Having rested following a walk, does your dog show signs of stiffness when rising?

* 6. Does cold/damp weather impact your dog's mobility?

* 7. Has your dog's behavior changed in the last six months?

  Not at all Slightly A Lot
Seems more aggressive towards family members
Seems more aggressive towards strangers
Seems more aggressive towards other animals
Can be grumpy at times

* 8. Has your dog's eating habits changed over the last six months?

* 9. Has your dog's grooming habits changed over the last six months?

* 10. Given your dog's age how would you rate its level of mobility?

* 11. How old is your dog?

* 12. What is your dog's name? 

* 13. What breed is your dog?

* 14. What is your name? 

* 15. What is your email address?

Thank you for completing the survey. We will be in touch in due course