Victoria Primary School has a culture of parent participation, working with the Parent Council and the PTA, parent help in the classroom and on school trips, coaching the football team and so on. We would like to extend this culture, by building a database of parents’ skills.

The database will be managed by the School, and used by teachers and the Parent Council. Teachers may use it to invite parents to join classrooms for specialist activities or developing outdoor play and education. The Parent Council may use it to identify parents to help with fundraising or social media. 
We know our parents have diverse skills, interests and knowledge and the database is another tool to help connect parents’ skills with opportunities to participate. At this stage, we are simply seeking information; how much you want to be involved later depends on you, your time constraints, availability and personal interest.

Thank you for your time in completing this survey. Please note that by filling in the survey you are agreeing to be contacted by the school.  The Parent Council will not have access to your personal details.

* 1. Name of Parent/ Carer

* 2. Best contact phone number

* 3. Email contact

* 4. If you may be able to offer knowledge, skills or help in any of the following areas, please identify