Watford local elections 2019: voter ID pilot survey

11% of survey complete.
Getting the message out:  bring your 2019 poll card to the Watford local elections on 2 May

Watford Borough Council has agreed to take part in a voter ID pilot scheme, run by the Cabinet Office.
This means that voters within the borough will need to show their poll card before they can vote in the Watford local elections on Thursday 2 May.

Joining Watford are 10 other councils, who have volunteered to take part in various pilots scheduled for the May 2019 local elections, which will require voters to similarly produce forms of ID before being issued with a ballot paper.

The pilots are being conducted to identify the exact impact of voter ID before it is introduced nationally. In many other transactions ID is an essential requirement - voting for your MP, Mayor or your councillor is one of the most important transactions someone can make and it is right that, in turn, their identity and the security of their vote should be protected.  

This short survey will help us to understand how well the message about bringing your poll card in order to vote is being communicated. This in turn will enable the council to make any necessary changes or improvements. Importantly, it will also give Watford residents the chance to have their say on how they feel about the pilot, which will help inform the Cabinet Office’s plans for the future.

If you have any questions on Watford local elections please contact:
Gordon Amos
Elections Manager - Watford Borough Council
gordon.amos@watford.gov.uk / (01923) 278339