How could you support the work?

Peckham Vision is a local community group that works to help local people engage with shaping the future of Peckham town centre, making it a better place for us all.
We need more volunteers to join our team to continue the work.  We would like to use this survey to measure how much volunteer power we could have.
There are many different ways of taking part. If you might be interested, please take a few minutes to complete the short survey below to let us know.

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* 5. Why do you want to volunteer for Peckham Vision?

* 6. Peckham Vision has a community shop in Holdron’s Arcade, 135A Rye Lane, which provides information on town centre issues and facilitates drop-in discussions of those issues, alongside selling Peckham-related merchandise. We need more volunteers for the shop to help expand its opening hours, and develop its potential. 

Would you like to have more information about being part of the shop team?

* 7. There are many other ways you could be involved.  It would be helpful for us to know how many volunteers may be interested in supporting the work.

Please tick any of the following areas of interest to you.

* 8. We understand that you may have other skills to offer us that we haven't mentioned or don't know we need yet.  Please tell us about any skills/experience that you feel might be of value to Peckham Vision.

* 9. If there is anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or ask us, please feel free to do so here