Volunteers are the beating heart of the Ramblers.  Use this form to nominate volunteers for local certificates and commendations and for the national volunteer awards.  To help make your nomination please read our short guide.
Completing this form is easy.  You simply need to let us know:
- about the person, or group of people, you are nominating and the impact they have had
- who the certificate/commendation should be sent to so that it can be awarded. If you are nominating someone on behalf of yourself, we will liaise with the person responsible for the area/group/Walking for Health scheme/Let's Walk Cymru scheme that the nominee volunteers for.
- about you, in case we need any more information about the nomination
- whether the certificate is required in the Welsh language
 Tip: keep a local copy of why you are nominating this person/people so that it can be used at the local award ceremony