Your views matter

We are committed to making volunteering with us a fulfilling and rewarding experience. As we continue to develop our volunteering programme and opportunities - including support, training and recognition for volunteers - we’d love to know your thoughts on our current developments, what you enjoy about your involvement with us and what we can do to continue improving your experience.

This survey is fully anonymous so please do answer honestly. This means that we are unable to personally respond to any comments you make but all feedback will be reviewed and valued. Please do contact us if you would like to chat further - our details are at the end of the survey.
How the survey works
It should take you around 10-15 minutes to complete, depending on how many volunteer roles you may have with us.
The survey is split into three main sections:
  • about your volunteering with us 
  • your overall volunteer experience
  • role specific questions. 
There is optional demographic information at the end to help us inform and monitor our work. 

We'd be grateful if you could answer questions for each volunteer role you have with us. Each role will have a yes and no answer choice and if you answer yes, further questions will be provided for that role.  
Thank you very much for your time in helping us improve your volunteer experience.