How well do you know your sea turtles?

To help launch our new project called Sustaining Turtles, Environment, Economy and Livelihoods – or STEEL – we invite you to take our quick turtle quiz to find out what you know about sea turtles in the Virgin Islands.

The quiz will help us understand what people know and think about turtles and their conservation. There are several testing questions in the quiz and it should take about 5 minutes. All your answers will be anonymous and you can stop at any time, but we really want you to answer all the questions to get your final score – so please, sit back, get yourself a cool drink and let’s see how well you know your turtles…

STEEL is a collaboration between the UK Marine Conservation Society, the University of Exeter, and the Government of the Virgin Islands, as well as the Association of Reef Keepers (ARK). It is funded through the UK Government’s Darwin Initiative and seeks to engage local communities to plan a better future for sea turtles, the marine environment they live in, and the people who depend on the Virgin Islands’ amazing marine resources. For more information see

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