Tredington Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

This consultation will run from 10 January 2022 until 21 February 2022

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* 1. Your details

Your help and guidance has enabled the Steering Committee to complete the draft plan. Before we formally submit it to the District Council there is a legal requirement to consult you and we need your opinion on the plan.    Each set of questions below relates to policies in the plan.

Please use this form to submit comments about the pre-submission draft Plan which can be viewed at:

There are a limited number of hard copies available, and these can be loaned to you by contacting: 
  • Newbold-on-Stour: Nigel Willis 01789 450460 or email:
  • Tredington: Sally Ward 01608 664626 or email:
  • Armscote, Blackwell, Darlingscott: Cllr Julie Murphy 01608 682032 or email:
and the Plan will be delivered to your home.

This public consultation begins on 10 January 2022 and will run for 6 weeks ending at 5pm on 21 February 2022. Responses received after the closing date may not be considered.

Please expand the boxes as necessary or attach additional sheets. Clearly mark any additional sheets with your Name, details and the question they relate to.

You do not have to answer every question but the more you tell us the more we can ensure the Plan represents your views. 

Please let us know about the things that are important to you.

Please note that any personal details you provide will only be used by the Neighbourhood Plan Group and the District Council for the purpose of you possibly being contacted for the next Regulation 16 consultation on the NDP.  Your details will not be disclosed to any other party without your express permission.

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* 2. Local Economy
Do you support the following Policies?

  Yes No
LE 1 Protect existing employment sites and explore sites for future employment.
View LE1
LE 2 Promote Rural Tourism.
View LE2
LE 3 Encourage Home Working.
View LE3

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* 3. Natural Environment
Do you support the following Policies?

  Yes No
NE 1 Preserve and restore local habitats and wildlife biodiversity.
View NE1
NE 2 Protect existing mature and/or important trees, hedgerows, groups of trees and woodlands.
View NE2
NE 3 Designate valued landscapes.
View NE3
NE 4 Protect rivers and water courses.
View NE4
NE 5 Minimise light pollution.
View NE5
NE 6 Minimise noise pollution.
View NE6
NE 7 Encourage energy efficiency.
View NE7
NE 8 Minimise air pollution
View NE8
NE 9 Designate local green spaces
View NE9

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* 4. Housing
Do you support the following Policies?

  Yes No
H 1 Define built up area.
View H1
H 2 Meet identified housing needs.
View H2
H 3 Use of domestic curtilage.
View H3

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* 5. Built Environment 
Do you support the following Policies?

  Yes No
BE 1 Develop in harmony with the rural character of the communities
View BE1
BE 2 Design in keeping with the scale, location and appearance of existing buildings. 
View BE2
BE 3 Preserve heritage assets and conservation areas.
View BE3
BE 4 Conversion and reuse of buildings. 
View BE4

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* 6. Infrastructure
Do you support the following Policies?

  Yes No
IN 1 Connectivity 
View IN1
IN 2 Make proper provision for the supply of fresh water and waste water removal.
View IN2
IN 3 Reduce the risk of flooding. 
View IN3
IN 4 Ensure sufficient space is provided for vehicle parking. 
View IN4

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* 7. Local Amenities
Do you support the following Policies?

  Yes No
LA 1 Protect and enhance existing community facilities.
View LA1
LA 2 Ensure there is sufficient school capacity to accommodate any development.
View LA
LA 3 Encourage safe walking and cycling.
View LA3
LA 4 Promote sports and recreation. 
View LA4
LA 5 Provide allotments.
View LA5
LA 6 Promote the improvement of local services.
View LA6

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* 8. Community Infrastructure Levy
Do you support the following Policies?

  Yes No
CI 1 CIL expenditure and priorities
View CI1

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* 9. Other
Please comment, especially if you have answered “no” to any of the questions.

  Yes No
Do you wish to make any other comment about the Neighbourhood Plan?