2018 Time 1

Welcome to this survey and thank you for your views.
We do not know your name.

* 1. Please enter the school code you have been given 

* 2. Which year group are your children in?

* 3. Do you have any of the following devices in your home? (Please tick all that apply)

* 4. How much time do you spend online in an average day?

* 5. How much time do your children spend online on an average evening?

* 6. Have your children ever told you that something they have seen or experienced online has made them feel upset?

* 7. If yes, would you like to explain what this was?

* 8. Have your children ever been bullied, either face to face or online?

* 9. To your knowledge, have your children ever bullied anyone either face to face or online?

* 10. Would you know who to talk to at the school if you were concerned about a bullying issue?

* 11. How do you learn about issues related to bullying, either online or offline? (Tick all that apply)

* 12. How do you feel about the following statements? 

  Strongly agree Agree No opinion Disagree Strongly disagree
My children know more about the Internet than I do
It is none of my business what my children do online
In the last 12 months, I have spoken to my children about protecting themselves online
In the last 12 months, I have spoken to my children about issues related to bullying
The school cares about the welfare of my children
The school provides ways for me to raise concerns about the welfare of my children

* 13. Who do you think your children would turn to if they were upset by something that happened in school? (please tick all that apply)

* 14. Does the school provide any of the following to raise child welfare concerns?

* 15. Do you have any further comments about the issues raised in this survey?