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What you need to bring with you...

Proof of vaccination card. Please note we require all dog's to be fully vaccinated up to date including kennel cough so please bring the card or we cannot accept your dog and have to turn you away.

Food - please bring your dog's usual food sufficient for the duration of the stay and any treats they usually have. Don't bring any bowls, treat tins, scoops etc or any containers you need back. We have all the things we need and this prevents items being lost or damaged.
Bedding - No bedding required. We have plenty of bedding which is designed to suit ease of proper cleaning etc. We also don't want your lovely little beds or blankets being chewed or urinated on by other dog's.

Leads - please bring a suitable lead in good condition. We do not use extendable leads usually so a standard lead is preferred. We label and hang up the leads however dog's do have fabulous ways of nabbing nice things to chew on so don't bring anything too expensive or sentimental!

Collars / Harnesses - please ensure collars are fitted comfortably and securely ie. Comfortable slide a finger width underneath. Never too tight and never loose! In an emergency situation where we need to separate dog's the collar being loose can cause a dog to twist out of it altogether out of the safe hands of our staff. Harnesses are usually removed during the day for your dog's comfort and to avoid chaffing or overheating so please have a collar too. Harnesses may be left on dog's who are particularly large or who may need more handling to aid that process.
Please ensure your dog has a tag with their name and contact details on it and is microchipped and the chip registered this is law and in the unlikely event a dog became loose for any reason while e.g. slips collar when on a walk this is of vital importance. toys please we have lots and don't want others to get lost or chewed up etc

Medication..please ensure any medications are sent with clear instructions and exactly enough to last the full duration of your stay and perhaps a little extra In case you are unexpectedly delayed in returning to collect your dog. Terms and conditions on our website should be read before booking.