The proposed school term dates for community and voluntary controlled schools for 2021/22 have been through our internal consultation process and are now available for your consideration.

We recommend that schools consider aligning their terms with other schools in the area, for example secondary schools with primary schools, in recognition that families may have children in different year groups. However, once agreed, the dates are only a guide and we recommend that you check with the school if a key date is specific to your plans, as a school may adjust the dates slightly due to specific plans.

Our set dates traditionally include a common INSET at the start of the Autumn Term. For 2021/22 the proposed common INSET day is 1 September 2021, with four further training days selected by schools from outside the ‘pupil days’.
Please read the supporting information before completing this survey
This consultation is open until midnight on 24 February 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Education Services.