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The main objective of TER4RAIL is to reinforce the cooperation between rail-related stakeholders to improve the efficiency of the research in the rail sector, in order to facilitate emerging innovative ideas and the cross-fertilisation of knowledge from other disciplines or of disruptive technology and innovation. TER4RAIL intends to promote this process by strengthening transversal exploratory research in Europe for and with a railways perspective in the frame of multimodality.

The objective of this Delphi survey is to review, support, and improve the sector roadmaps, in preparation for the next iteration of the roadmapping process in the railway sector, considering multimodal environments and railway as the backbone of mobility in the future;

This is the first round questionnaire of the Delphi survey. Your contribution to the first round will be used to develop a second round questionnaire. We are therefore interested in broad answers. Please expand upon your answers whenever appropriate.

Your opinions expressed in this survey are 'personal to you as an expert'. We understand that they do not necessarily represent the opinions or policy of your organisation and will not be used as such. Your response will be treated in strict confidence, and names of individual respondents or organisations will not be used in published material or given to third parties. The general findings of the survey will be published. If you participate in the survey and enter an email address, a copy of the result will be emailed to you.

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This survey is designed for those who are directly or indirectly involved in transport as a user, policy maker, technology provider, researcher or trade association. The survey will take about 14 minutes to complete.
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