Please feed back your views and experiences to Dominic Raab MP, the Housing and Planning Minister

As announced by the Prime Minister on 15 August, the previous Housing and Planning Minister Alok Sharma was holding events and workshops across the country to meet and hear from council, housing association and housing co-op tenants directly, to help build up a clear picture of the immediate issues that you face living in social housing, and to identify any common concerns that can inform our national approach going forward.  Following the changes in Government the newly appointed Housing and Planning Minister Dominic Raab MP will continue to take this work forward.
Following discussions with some of the National Tenant Organisations across England, we have identified a series of headline issues, which include:
  • managing complaints and redress routes
  • social tenants’ voices being heard
  • ensuring good and consistent quality services from landlords
  • safety of tenants
Over 12 events have been organised across England. While these will provide an excellent opportunity to engage with a large audience (circa 1,000 tenants), the Minister is keen to extend the opportunity to engage in this conversation more widely.

This feedback questionnaire offers an opportunity for all council, housing association and housing co-op tenants to express your views on key issues and concerns related to social housing based on your own housing experience.

This is not a consultation exercise or a survey as such, but a means for council, housing association and housing co-op tenants to engage and share your views with the Housing and Planning Minister.  The feedback received through this questionnaire will feed into the scope and content of the Social Housing Green Paper.
There are 25 questions in the questionnaire and it will take approximately 15 minutes, but this is dependent on the length of your responses.  The questionnaire will remain open until at least 2 March 2018.

Please use this opportunity to have your say.
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