We are proud to have invested in the maintenance, care and preservation of The Temple, a Grade II-listed building; once part of the Wanstead House estate.

Recent closure
Due to a ceiling collapse earlier this year, we were obliged to close the building to public and staff on safety grounds. The works took a number of months to complete and we apologise it took this time before we were able to re-open.

Reduced winter opening
We are opening on a reduced number of weekends over this winter as we are unable to provide sufficient staffing levels until current recruitment campaigns are completed

Reviewing our offer
We also recognise that, in winter months, our current visitor numbers are very low. We do not feel that the current offer is sufficient to attract new visitors and we would like to review what we provide at the Temple within our charity’s limited budget, in order to encourage more and new visitors.

Our aims
By opening The Temple, we aim to promote understanding of the heritage of Wanstead Park and to provide more information and understanding of Epping Forest.

Our proposal
Our proposal is to reduce the number of opening days from every weekend to 1 weekend per month. We will be able to concentrate our resources to provide a better-quality offer with an increased number of staff and provision of activities and changing exhibitions and reasons to visit once a month.

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* 1. How far do you agree with this proposal?

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* 2. Do you have any other comments about this proposal?