* 1. Select your year

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Please complete the following questions about your Mathematics lessons at Smith's Wood Sports College. We want to know what you think. Use your voice

* 2. My Teacher always shares and explains the objectives in Maths lessons.

* 3. I always know what I am meant to be learning in my Maths lessons.

* 4. My work in Maths is regularly marked and given back with feedback.

* 5. I always know when I have done well and achieved in Maths lessons.

* 6. My Teacher gives me targets that make me want to do better in Maths

* 7. I usually find work and activities in Maths interesting and exciting.

* 8. I regularly feel challenged to try new things in Maths to progress further.

* 9. I receive regular homework from Maths lessons that is varied / challenging.

* 10. In Maths lessons I can learn well because other students behave sensibly.