1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues in the UK and, likewise 1 in 6 employees. In the public transport sector, mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder can have debilitating though ‘hidden’ impacts on staff in the industry and on passengers travelling on services. In some cases, passengers are prevented from travelling and even leaving the house at all. 

Following on from a ground-breaking national conference: Mental Health & Transport Summit in February 2016 which shone a spotlight on and united the two areas, I am writing a paper to identify:

  • what further steps can be taken to highlight and tackle the issues;
  • what steps and support passengers and also staff need to make life ‘easier’; 
  • who is already doing good work in this field;
  • what more needs to be and can be done to break down barriers for staff and passengers alike.

I will be presenting the findings of this paper at a transport conference in June, however, this is about more than words but a spur to education and action – to raise awareness and encourage steps, adjustments and changes in approach.

Please help me to make a difference by taking a few minutes to answer questions so I can gauge what needs to be done, what is already being done and what you think could be done in this area. Please note: all answers will be kept anonymous – if you would like to be kept involved or informed of progress , you can provide contact details but these will be treated separately.

Thank you so much for your help,

Best wishes

(Meera Rambissoon - Senior Consultant for passenger transport consultancy, The TAS Partnership)