Declaration of Support For Women in Technology

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By subscribing to Girl Geek Scotland you will be supporting all four supporter aims with your financial contribution.

  1. Sharing Best Practice: To improve working processes, culture and environment to appeal to and retain women across the digital technology ecosystem. 
  2. Profiling Women: Either by offering speakers, mentors or role models for events across the digital technology ecosystem.
  3. Supporting the Delivery of Training: Enabling the widest distribution of training resources in digital technology sectors, sub-sectors and associated sectors across Scotland. 
  4. Being Visible Allies: Promoting women in technology by contributing to events and supporting the widest distribution of promotional materials to inspire women to enter into or remain in digital technology sectors.
Your Benefits
Benefits include display of your hyperlinked logo and organisation description/background on our website and all promotion within our marketing materials including our newsletters, all printed and electronic display materials for our events, regular mentions on all social media channels and outreach, advertising and accreditation on our educational resources; and display of your logo and thanks for your support on our event and promotional videos made available on our website and shared on our social channels.
Everyone who signs our declaration will be invited to be included in an annual press release and photo-shoot to celebrate the commitment. You will also be given access to a set of support logos and badges to use within your own communications and online presences.
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