Clydach Community Council Survey

Clydach Community Council is looking to upgrade Sunnybank Park (Newton Road). This park has long been forgotten about and has very little in the way of amenities for the children and parents of Clydach. We have had permission from Swansea Council to do this and are looking to develop further relationships with potential funders from within the local area. As part of this process, we intend to apply for funding from the National Lottery and will require proof from the residents of Clydach that there is a need for this park to be upgraded. 

* 1. Do you believe that this park is in need of replacement?

* 2. How many members of your household under the age of 16 would use this park?

* 3. Please score the equipment below, in the order of preference, with 1 being the most preferred, and 8 being the least. 

* 4. How often do you currently use Sunnybank Park?

* 5. How often would you use this park if upgraded ?

* 6. Do you feel your ability to use a quality park is restricted due to locations of other local parks ?

* 7. Please rate the following questions according to the description.

  Strongly Agree Agree Of No Opinion Disagree Strongly Disagree
I believe that an upgrade to Sunnybank Park would allow more opportunities for parents / guardians and children to interact in a positive way
I believe that this park would provide opportunities for children to socialise with their peers
I would be more likely to use a park if this park was upgraded 

* 8. Please provide any comments you feel have not been covered within this survey

* 9. You may provide your contact information below if you wish to be notified about progress of the park upgrade. This field is not mandatory. We will aim to let all respondents know the outcome of this survey, and will publish this information. We cannot guarantee to respond to respondents individually.