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The Students' Union wants you to have an outstanding experience studying at UEL. Your answers to these questions will shape the way your Students' Union works to enhance every aspect of your life, from socialising, well-being and accommodation to learning, transport and employment.

Your answers will remain entirely anonymous and will not be shared with third parties, so please just be honest and tell us what you think.

* 1. How would you rate your entire educational experience at UEL?

* 2. Did you know you are automatically a member of the students' union, when you become a student?

* 3. Do you know who your students' union officers are?

* 4. Do you know where the students' union is based?

* 5. Tell us one thing that the Students' Union has done to make UEL a more welcoming environment?

* 6. Can you tell us of one campaign the Students' Union has led on this year?

* 7. To what extent have the following had a positive effect on your time at UEL?

  Very positive Positive Not very positive Not positive at all N/A
Programme Representatives
Student Elections
Students' Union Advice Services
Students' Union social events
Students' Union Receptions
Students' Union Website
Students' Union Officers
Students' Union campaigns
Welcome week/Freshers week
Student Societies
Students' Union activities
Students' Union social spaces (The Lounge/The Dome)
Democratic Meetings (General Meetings, AGM)

* 8. How would you prefer the Students' Union to communicate with you?

* 9. Do you think engaging with the Students' Union would enhance your academic interest/future life prospects?