Welcome to the Behavioural Drivers Questionnaire

Hello and welcome to this short questionnaire which is designed to help you discover your behavioural drivers. This will take only 10 minutes and may reveal secrets about you that you never knew. If you just want to go ahead and take the survey now without having to read this boring bit then please skip over this bit by clicking next at the end of this page.

So why bother to take the survey?

Finding our your own behavioural is important because it can reveal to you some very important truths about your personality that you may not have been aware of before. becoming more aware of your personal blind-spots is an important step in moving towards self-mastery. But knowing your particular behaviour driver in itself will be of no use to you unless you are given some specific actions to take as a result of the discovery you are about to make. This is why t2 are providing all of the people who complete the questionnaire with a specific set of achievable coaching suggestions to aid in their own personal development.

So what are behavioural drivers and why are they important?

Well, they were discovered by Taibi Kahler PhD, a clinical psychologist who carried out research into the various aspects of personality using some of the ideas derived from Transactional Analysis (TA). As part of his research he discovered what have become known to professional coaches, psychologists and psychotherapists as Behavioural Drivers. These are automatic, repeatable and predictable behaviour patterns that can either be considered to be your core strength or your weakness. These patterns of behaviour are likely to show up when you undergo stress or find yourself in an anxious situation. There are five drivers and these are:

Be Perfect
Please Others
Hurry Up
Be Strong
Try Hard

So which behavioural driver are you? Or do you have a bit of a mix going on? Complete the questionnaire it will take only 10 minutes.

Once you have completed the test we will email you your results and some key suggestions to help you master this behaviour and turn what was a weakness into a strength.

Good luck an have fun discovering more about you.