Community Feedback

The St Patrick's Community Resource Centre project is an exciting initiative to refurbish and develop the old Parochial Hall located on the Cathedral Road, Armagh. The vision for the project is to create a vibrant, modern building with a range of different facilities which can offer activities and events to bring people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities together in a positive environment. We are seeking the views of all local people to help support the case for the project. 

Many thanks for your co operation in completing this questionnaire


* 1. Age

* 2. Postcode

* 3. Do you feel any of the following facilities are needed within Armagh and should be included in the project? Please tick as many as relevant

* 4. If the facilities that you feel are needed were constructed, what type of activity would you like to use the building for? Please mark any that are relevant

* 5. We want to get a sense of how the building could be used to help bring people together and how this could be done. 

Do you interact regularly with people from another community background? By regularly we mean as part of your daily or weekly life

* 6. If you answered yes to question 5, how do you interact regularly with people from another community background? Please tick any that are relevant. If you answered No to Question 5 please move to Question 7

* 7. Please respond to the following questions based on the options available

  Yes No Not sure
Do you think Armagh has enough "shared spaces" (facilities that are open to and used by people from all community backgrounds)?
Do you think there are enough opportunities in Armagh for people to interact or develop relationships with people from a different background?

* 8. On hearing the description of the proposals for the St Patrick's Resource Centre project, what was your initial reaction? Please mark the relevant answer below

* 9. What type of activities do you feel are the best way of bringing people together from all sections of the community? Please tick as many as relevant

* 10. How would you define the location of the project? (Cathedral Road, Armagh) Please tick as appropriate

* 11. Have you any other comments or suggestions to be considering in the design and planning of the project? Please detail below